Rubbing Shoulders With the Big Boys

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Tommy and Lisa with The Titan of the Telecaster, Bill Kirchen.

The big finale with Tommy and the talented and gracious, Bill Kirchen.

Scott and Mama posing with
Windell, the Miller High Life Delivery Guy, at Summerfest.
(That's Windell in the middle!).

Talking guitars with Steve Earle, who's beaming about his "new" Tele he snagged before Tommy even had a chance at it .

Lisa gettin' the awesome John Sieger all hot and sweaty onstage at groovy Shank Hall.

Scott trying his best to "Twang" Madonna...and failing dismally.

Dragons with Billy Dean at Brewers Opening Day.

A Dragon Meets a Barenaked Lady! Scott with Steven Page.

Tommy and
the One...the Only
Nick Lowe!

Tommy getting fashion
tips from the
Naked Cowboy!

Wow! Johnny Hiland and Tommy Dixon...
two silky smooth
guitar virtuosos
together at last!

Yes, that is Lisa with Kaylee MacDougall, lead singer of Geneva Falls! Oh yeah, and Joan Jett's in the middle there.

Tommy hanging with
The Blasters

Tommy comparing curls
with James McMurtry, singer/songwriter extraordinaire, and Jim "Butter Nipples" Brooks, CD designer extraordinaire.

Scott auditioning
to be a weiner.

The King of Twang Guitar, Bill Kirchen, singing the Twang Dragons' praises. Well, not exactly singing...or praising...but at least posing. That's something.

Scott admiring Andrew Zimmern's
chicken dance (I swear
that's Andrew in the hat!).

Waking Up Fox 6 Milwaukee with Nicole Koglin

Sharing the stage with John Eddie's guitar wizard PK Lavengood...the best guitarist not yet a household name!