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When we're not twangin' the masses, we all get together and enjoy a little good old Dragon R&R. Yep, we really are one big happy family! Here are few photos of two of our recent field trips.

Second Official Twang Pub Crawl in the States

Tommy and Lisa missed
the memo that it was a
"Jean Jacket Pub Crawl".

Awwww! They're so cute
when they're drinking.

Scott drummer AND crossing guard.
Someone take that dang whistle away from him!

Dr. Scott counseling
"Those Crazy Naumans".

Moe the Horse Whisperer

Feeling right at home in an Irish Pub.
OK, so it's not Dublin...it's the Third Ward.

London Calling...

Scott attempting to audition
for a hot, new boy band.

Um, yeah, like I said,
just one big happy family.

Twangin' Boat Tour

Baby Dragons, Nathan and Paige

Ginger & Mr. Howell

Deep Thoughts with Tate Bunker



Um, well, so it's like this...
Tommy was looking for
his big break in Nashville

Tommy in Nashville with Molly who
he mistook for Linda Ronstadt.

Tommy and Lisa in Nashville
with new Swedish friends, Robert & Dad.
It's the darndest thing how Tommy
makes friends with the Swedish
folk wherever he goes!!

Tommy with Nashville
musicians, Travis & Porter.

Markie and Lisa at the
Twang Dragons'"office", MJs.