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“This band blows the competition away. From the first song to the last, they give their all and it shows, as the audience goes wild!”

—Gary, North Beach Oasis


Oh my, where does the time go?

September 12, 2022 - When you're busy playing all the time and trying to catch up on your Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple+, Peacock, and Playboy After Dark shows, who has time to post news updates on the official band website? Let's just say it was another great summer. We brought the twang to some new stages, made lots of new friends and had an especially good time at a few places where the audience really took our "Buy the Band a Drink" song to heart. Keep an ear out for our follow-up: "Buy the Band Some Rehab." In the meantime, get out and see the full band or the slightly less raucous but even snarkier duet as we migrate to the indoor season. And if you can think of it, please pester us to get off our asses and get back into the studio to record the latest originals we've been playing out the past couple years: "My Man Rides a Harley (Or He Don't Ride Me)", "Knocked Up Boogie", "Don't Text Your Ex", "Stairway to Hell". Okay, we just now made up that last one. But it could be a really cool Zeppelin-AC/DC mashup. We'll get to work on that. Right after we get through the last four seasons of Vampire Diaries.

It's finally 2021. What could possibly go wrong??

January 8, 2021 - Well, that was a year to remember. Or not. Like a million other bands, we lost quite a few gigs. But unlike a lot of touring bands and really popular cover bands who draw seas of people, we still played a lot. That's why we said the safest place to be if you don't want to be around crowds is...a Twang Dragons show! But ya know, the New Year is not only bringing a vaccine, it's bringing TWANG DRAGONS SONGS TO ALL AMI JUKEBOXES! Yes, some swell person(s) requested our VFW Saturday Night song on some jukeboxes (you'd think we would have been smart enough to anonymously request that ourselves, but no...) and AMI contacted us to get our last album "3 Chords and a Lie" on all their jukeboxes in North America. And New Guinea. Or just America. Whatever, enough splitting hairs. The point is, remember to look us up on the jukebox if and when you venture back out in public. Or, play it safe and listen to or download all of our stuff on all the usual streaming channels. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, New Guinea Groovy Muzik, etc. Also, get out and see us live if it's something you feel comfortable doing, and remember to stay safe and stay twangy America. And New Guinea.

Twang Dragons 5.0...or something

December 18, 2019 - Well, at the risk of seeming conceited by quoting our own song...nothing lasts forever, my my. Of course, we're referring to the departure of our beloved bass player and all-around excellent livestock inseminator, Kevin. Not because of any falling out or going in "different musical directions." Rather, he's headed in a southerly direction to spend his golden years in one of those states so forgetful it doesn't remember to snow or collect state tax from its residents. Anyhoo, the only way to fill Kevin's boots is with, naturally...another Kevin! We didn't een have to change the towel monograms in the tour bus bathroom. So make sure to get out and see our latest line-up with Kevin Polster (KP) on bass. (He's not completely new. More like "gently used" considering he's played with us a few times over the years.) Sorry, you're stuck with the same old Tommy on guitar. HOWEVER...we have augmented him with Michael "Tex" Arnold, a mean jazz picker who's come around to the dark side of twang and plays with us whenever he actually wants to play in front of a crowd. (We did say he was a jazzer.) When you hear Tex play, you'll see why we quickly stopped making fun of him for having taken actual guitar lessons. So from Lisa, Donnie, Tommy, Kevin 2.0 and (usually) Tex, have a splendid Christmas and remember T Dragons CDs and downloads make ideal last-minute gifts for your friends, family, garbage men, postal carriers and favorite massage or mental health therapists.

Total Eclipse of the Dragons

January 31, 2019 - If you've checked our gig page, you might think our webmaster has been hitting the happy juice. Well of course that's true. But it's no oversight. We're taking our longest hiatus in the storied history of the band. (We said storied, not interesting.) We'd like to say we're spending 4 months in Monstserrat recording a new album at George Martin's studio. But the particularly astute of you will see right through that, considering a hurricane leveled the studio years ago, and Sir George has been manning heaven's mixing board for some time now. No, the truth is, we're holed up trying to learn a particularly challenging arrangement of The Streak. No, that's not really the truth either. Actually, we're taking some time to work on some new originals, revisit some old originals, and figure out how to put our spin on (i.e. butcher) some classics you probably know by heart. Well that, and somebody's spending just a teensy time in a Florida correctional facility for something he was absolutely positive had exceeded the statute of limitations. Oopsy. But rest assured we'll be rejuvenated, rehabilitated and some other "re" word when we hit the stage again in May. In the meantime, check the gig page to see where Lisa & Tommy might be doing a little acoustic somethin' somethin', AND don't let us stop you from downloading or streaming Twang Dragons on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. Every listen nets us a couple cents, so next time maybe we could hire a better lawyer for Florida inmate #867-5309. (Weird coincidence, huh?)

Annual Twang Dragons Christmas Letter

December 19, 2017 - Wow, what a year it's been in the Dragons household. Where to start? Our little Kevin is all growed up and now has all of his adult teeth. The ones that survived the bass hurling incident, that is. Better watch yourselves on the motorways as Donnie got his Driver's License. (Third try was the charm.) He can haul his own drums to gigs now (or "tools of ignorance" as Kevin calls them...stop it you two!) and he always makes it home before curfew. Wink wink. 12 full months in the year and Tommy still didn't learn a single new guitar lick. But he is honing the four he somewhat knows, and he grew some facial hair that makes you wonder if evolution skipped him by a couple generations. So the year wasn't a complete loss. Lisa nearly graduated from cosmetology school but missed the final exam traveling to Fresno to audition for "America's Got Vocal Delusions". You'd think there'd be a cosmetology make-up exam, but no! Cosmetology...make-up exam...get it?? Geez, sometimes I don't know why we continue writing these year-end letters. Anyway, once again the year was packed with tons of great gigs (and two not-so-great ones, Tommy lay off the Tia Maria!) And we're already booking up for more of the same in 2018, so plan to get out and see us in the new year. And even when it ain't so new. (Just like our material...rimshot please, Donnie.) Next on our to-do list: get into the studio and record "My Man Rides a Harley Or He Don't Ride Me." (For reals.) And...take one of those cliche band pics where we're all standing in a tunnel or by a train trestle, in age-inappropriate clothing and looking all badass like we think we're the Stones or something. The Stones who play local festivals, fairs and corner bars.

Bad pun alert: Twang Dragons still breathing fire!

February 15, 2016 - What a past few months! We've lost plenty of our favorite musicians. But at least they don't seem to be choking on their own vomit as much these days. (Or to swipe a Spinal Tap reference, someone else's vomit.) Anyway, we're glad to say we're still going strong, and knock on maple or ash guitar bodies, we're gonna keep picking up steam. Our last CD release, 3 Chords and a Lie, has sold well. You can download it and all the rest of our stuff on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby. Better yet, you can get instant gratification by picking up a CD (or four) at one of our live shows. You can also stream our entire catalog on Spotify, if that's your thing. Based on our growing Facebook friends, something seems to be clicking. But enough about us, let's talk about us. We're accumulating more songs for an eventual 5th release and have also added new covers for the bar gigs. Hell, we even had a practice back in January. Well, sort of a practice. We knocked back a few and talked about what songs would be cool to do. And then it got kinda late so we packed it in. Bottom line, we'll still be doing it as long our hips hold out. Or until we choke on our own vomit. So come on out and have a time with us!

Summer's here. Well not here in Wisconsin, exactly.

June 1, 2015 - As we write this 2015 update, it's June and we've put away the long underwear but are still keeping the parkas nearby. Our kick-off outdoor summer gig this last Saturday was played, you guessed it, indoors! But we're sure the weather will turn any day now and all our outdoor summer gigs will actually happen outdoors. And buddy, we've got plenty of them lined up. So get on out to catch a few. We've added a few more originals, brought back a couple old ones and even learned a bunch of new covers that are definitely not Top 40 Country, but as close as we're gonna get. Don't anybody tell Miranda Lambert we're about 2 songs away from becoming a Miranda Tribute Band. And in the worst segue you've read in quite some time...our latest album "3 Chords and a Lie" is continuing to sell here and there, after some airplay on independent stations around the country. So save yourself some postage and pick one up off the stage at our next gig. As always, you get a free kiss from Tommy with every "3 Chords and a Lie" purchase. (Tack on an additional CD from our back catalog and you can avoid the kiss.)

New CD! Wait, what?!

June 2, 2014 - After a couple years of threatening, our new CD "3 Chords and a Lie" is FINALLY here! We even had a CD release party the other night to prove it! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and to give this album a proper kick-off. With songs ranging from funny ("I Drink Because I Love You"), to groovy ("Goin' On"), to straight out kickass rocky tonk ("5 Karat", "A Hard Man is Good to Find"), to uncharacteristically serious ("Lost Soul"), this is our most diverse (and expensive) album to date! You can pick up a copy at one our shows this summer, or right this very second on iTunes, or CD Baby. All this excitement has taken its toll. We're taking a nap now.

Now that was a summer, hey?

October 23, 2012 - We had us a time this summer, playing as many gigs as our collective schedules allowed. We coulda played more but Don the drummer went and GOT A JOB on us. Way to ruin all the good drummer jokes. So we've decided to slow down just a little and actually get to some recording. Sure, we've been saying that for the past year and a half, but this time we mean it! Of course we'll still be playing shows in between...where, we might add, you can pick up some damn fine new merchandise. We'll get the new shirts posted in the merch section of the site here so you can see what we mean. And did we mention Tommy's new White Falcon knock-off? While he's ripping off other twangers' licks he might as well be doing it on a rip-off guitar. So check out the schedule and get out to one of our shows and hear some new stuff, see Lisa's new eye job (she looks weeks younger) and challenge Kevin to a German mug-holding contest. Go ahead, we dare ya.

Miracle Weight Loss Formula: Play back-to-back gigs in 100+ degree weather!

July 8, 2012 - Whew boy, this past Friday was a scorcher. As if a T Dragons gig ain't hot enough, the band members took turns hallucinating with heat stroke during both outdoor gigs. Fortunately we didn't all overheat at once. Now that woulda been interesting. But we were grateful to see so many troupers who braved the heat advisory weather to see us. Fortunately we're playing all the gigs we can handle this summer, what with rehab, cosmetic surgery and whatnot also in the schedule. It's also gratifying to hear so many ask us when we're going to record all our new songs (especially "I Drink Because I Love You"). Well, we've been shopping studios and have to get off our collective asses and make a decision here real soon. If you've ever gone through the process of recording, you know how frustrating it can be when your guitar player burns through weeks of multiple takes and the budget leaves the singer and rhythm section with about a night and a half to do their parts. Or maybe that's just this band. Whatever, we hope to get the process started by year's end...good Lord, massive merch sales and frequently filled tip jar willing!

Taylor Swift had our baby

March 5, 2012 - And, in other news...the twang juggernaut rolls along. We've already had some great gigs in 2012, including a cool new place called Lo Cash Live (we'll be back a few times - check our schedule), a real honky tonk saloon out near Madison called Country Corners, a fun showcase gig at the famous Milwaukee Domes, and last Saturday night we followed up the kick-ass Celtic band the Sandcarvers at our favorite annual benefit show. We not only continue to gain new fans along the way, we also meet more cool fellow musicians with every gig we play. Other than the limos, strippers and mounds of cocaine, that's what makes this all worthwhile.

Looking forward to Twang Thousand and Twelve

December 12, 2011 - Well another year is drawing to an end, and what a ride! The new rhythm section has settled in nicely (not in a sleepy, complacent sense, which you know if you caught any shows this year) and we're looking forward to ending the year on a high note. A very loud high note. So here's to a great Christmas and New Year's! Hopefully Santa will bring us some recording time so we can start laying down some of the many new tunes we've been refining onstage over the past year.

Starving musician alert!!

October 12, 2011 - Well after returning from a little vacation and gigging in Tennessee and South Carolina (some planned, some not), Tommy returned to his day job to find out it had taken a vacation too. More like a sabbatical. So now he gets to live the musician's dream...unemployed, underfed and probably under-showered. Got a couch he can crash on? Only a couple nights, for sure. Maybe three. Hello Nashville...this would be a good time to buy a few of our songs. He'll keep the cell phone turned on for as long as he can make the payment. Plus wouldn't you know it, we had planned a light gig schedule in October and November. Who knew?! Oh well...all things being relative, much much worse news: our great friend across the pond Andy Leaney passed away last week after a nearly year-long battle with cancer. We are so lucky to have met and shared some stages with him. If we could think of any of his pithy British sayings off the top of our head we would say them. But you will be missed Andy!

Another summer under our collective belts

September 6, 2011 - Well summer ain't officially over but this season's festival gigs are drawing to a close, and it's been another great season of playing the kind of gigs we really love. Last week's inaugural Grill Games was a blast...especially being shown on the big Jumbo-tron. (Which adds MORE than 10 pounds, BTW.) Last Friday's mid-day concert series in downtown Racine was also a hoot, especially with all the CD sales! Thanks to everyone who bought our stuff and got us a step closer to getting back in the studio. We've got more than an album's worth of new material that needs to get captured on something better than Lisa's iPhone app. Anyway, please keep an eye on our gig page as we're adding upcoming dates. We're also going to get around to revamping the site in the near future and adding some pics of Don and Kevin so their out-of-state relatives actually believe they're in the band!

Twang Dragons are the latest state capitol controversy

July 11, 2011 - Well it's been a busy few weeks, capped off by a gig outside the state capitol in Madison yesterday afternoon. And like so many things in Mad Town, the Dragons proved to be a tempest of controversy as many in attendance blamed our blistering performance for the no-show of the band scheduled after us. Oh well, we got to play a bit longer and the only protesting we heard was when we announced that our set was over. Not a bad day of twangin' in our book!

Tune into the Chicken Shack Friday morning June 17th.

June 11, 2011 - Lisa and Tommy are slated to pop into Milwaukee's premier twang radio show this coming Friday morning for a little pickin', singin' and chattin'. Hard to say when we'll be on exactly, (10:00-ish?), so best to just listen to Jonny's whole show, starting at 9 a.m. on WMSE 91.7 FM. We'll likely play 2 or 3 new songs acoustically, and then whine about it being too early to perform. Facetiously, of course.

Sorry mum. No England tour this year

June 9, 2011 - Don't put the tea on just yet. Unfortunately, schedules are not cooperating and we're sad to say we won't be making our annual trek to Europe this year. Which naturally means we're gearing up for a helluva return in 2012...good Lord willing and the Atlantic don't rise.

Gigs, iTunes and whatnot

May 9, 2011 - With a few good tune-up gigs with the new rhythm section under our belt, we're ready for the summer festival season! The new originals seem to be striking a pretty groovy chord too...particularly "Road Kill on the Highway of Love". So check our gig page and get on out to see us. And remember, in addition to music clips on the site here, all of our songs are available for download on iTunes and Heck, with three albums of original material, there's gotta be SOMETHING of ours you'd pony up 99 cents for. And, on a selfish note, the more songs we sell, the sooner we can get back into the studio to lay down more songs that we can pester you to buy. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Well that was fun!

March 11, 2011 - Twang Dragons 2.1 or 3.0 or 11.8 or however those designations for new updates works...whatever, the new line-up debuted last Saturday night and two things became immediately apparent: 1) we got a smokin' new rhythm section and 2) gauging the audience response, we've got some winners with the new songs we've been writing. And there's plenty more where those came from. So keep an eye on our gig page as we're adding new (and sometimes last minute) shows pretty often. Also, friend us on Facestalk and stay up to date that way.

Welcome Kevin and Don!

January 8, 2011 - After an exhaustive coast-to-coast search for a new rhythm section (okay, two states and several counties), we've got a new backbeat of the Dragon! Drum roll (and bass vamp) please... welcome Kevin Farnsworth and Don Keller! With music pedigrees that go back further than they're willing to admit, these guys have played in some of the best country and roots bands in the midwest. Now that they've sipped the Twang Dragons Kool-Aid it's time to get woodshedding. Check out the gigs page for their debut!

Oh, and did we mention...?

December 20, 2010 - Well, as the Twang Dragons song "My My" states, nothing lasts forever. It's true of record stores, the curdled milk in Tommy's refrigerator and band line-ups. Which brings us to some sad yet exciting news. After a heck of a good run, 3 CD's we're incredibly proud of and multiple twangings of the European continent, the Twang Dragons will be introducing a new rhythm section in the new year. Scottie and Mark are pursuing a new project (or two) that will feed their need for a new challenge. It's a common itch in the music world and we feel immensely blessed to have shared not only hundreds of stages but a common vision and sense of purpose over the past six years. As soon as there's anything to report on their next projects, you can bet we'll be posting it. In the meantime, Lisa and Tommy will be ready to roll with a new line-up by February and are also putting the finishing touches on lots of new originals. They're also booking a handful of acoustic duet shows and will post those in the gigs section. Lotsa love to Mark and Scott on their next endeavors. 10 or 15 years down the road we look forward to one helluva rip-roarin' reunion show!

Another Tour of Love is a Success!!

November, 2010 - So many people to little space. As always, thank you to the awesome pubs who graciously invited the Twang into their establishments...George and Beryl at The Royal Standard, (she serves a most wonderful breakfast at Katie's Pantry too!), Chris at The Bull Hotel and The Vault who was also gracious enough to give us a place to rest our weary heads and feed us, John and the other fine people at The Robertsbridge Club, Matt and Anthony at The Clarence, the awesome folks at The Victoria Hotel and, of course, Pip and Carmen at The Royal Oak. We have been so blessed to find friends like all of you!

We also had the privilege and pleasure to play the Hastings Wine & Seafood Festival this year. Words cannot describe that experience! Awesome, unbelievable, wow...don't even begin to cover it. Thanks to Peter Thompset for getting us in touch with the right people. Thanks to Mike Raxworthy for being the "right people" and for taking a chance on a little Twang band from Milwaukee. Special thanks to the talented, Paul Bishop for becoming an honorary member of the Twang Dragons for this event :)

Special thanks to Allan and Bernie for helping us to invade Eastbourne and for traveling to see us. Wendy, Richard, Ken and John...what would we do without your smiling faces in the crowd? Thanks Reg for always dancing and being such a great guy. Peter Bumpus - it's an honor to know you. Thanks for always looking out for us. Thank you to Lumpy and all the Lumpettes for being such great friends and for the use of the equipment. Special thanks from Scott to Tony for letting him bang on his drum drum heads were injured this year! A big thank you to all of you who come out to see us and enjoy our music. Words can't describe how it feels to see you all singing along with our songs. You are all awesome!

And then there's Andy, Jeff and Malcom...our wonderful friends. If not for all of you, we'd never have had the pleasure of playing England. You are all the best and we love you dearly! Remember the invite is always open, mi casa su casa...just give us enough warning so we can stock up on beer and cider.

Check out some of our tour memories right HERE. Good times...good, good times!

Just When You Thought Life Couldn't Get Any Awesomer!!

August 10, 2010 - Another photo to share! Last Friday, August 6th, the Dragonshad the privilege and pleasure of opening for The Titan of the Telecaster, Mr. Bill Kirchen, at the Freeport Music Festival! To say that Tommy was a bit excited is perhaps one of the greatest understatements of all time. A good time was definitely had by all, especially when Mr. Kirchen asked Tommy to get on stage and handle some guitar playing duties. You coulda knocked him out with a feather after that one! Check out the Rubbing Shoulders pix page for a couple of other shots. Thank you Mr. Kirchen for making a young boy's dreams come true!

How Dang Awesome Is This?!?!

August 6, 2010 - Check out the photo to the right! Nope, that arm does not belong to any member of the band...none of us have "Twang Dragons" on our bodies! This arm belongs to our #1 Fan, Mr. Robert Volenec. He's threatened to do it for awhile but now he's really done did it! Our compliments to the artist - it's beautiful! Tell Bob what he's won for being the #1 Twang Dragon's fan, Johnny....Bob has won back stage passes for life as well as a free beer or two when he makes it to a show. Seriously, Bob, we are in awe!

Mais Oui, Nous Aimons des Jours de Bastille!

July 22, 2010 - That pretty much means, "But yes, We Love Bastille Days!" And that's cuz we do! As always, it's one of our favorite festivals of the year. Thank you John Ertl, Paddy and the rest of the folks at the fest for taking such good care of us. And we love the beautiful and talented, Emma, for snapping some shots of our performance. Check those out on the Bastille Days Pix Page. Merci, Emma!

Addendum to Addendum to News Item from April 29, 2009

July 19, 2010 - If we had a dime for every time we were asked, "So when is that new CD coming out?"................................. Short answer to that - Ask the Boys!

Photo Shoot with Tater B. DeMille Bunker

June 25, 2010 - You may have noticed that there are new photos on the website. We had the pleasure of posing for the one, the only, Tate Bunker. Nobody does it better! Special heartfelt thanks to Tate for always helping us out and making us look good (well at least better!). Thanks also to Miles at the Wicked Hop for letting us use the gorgeous Jackalope Lounge as our studio.

Seafood and Wine and Twang - Oh My!

April 28, 2010 - We've booked one of the final shows for our Twangs Across England Tour, and we're pleased as punch about it! The Dragons will be twanging the crowds at the Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival. Thanks go out to our old friends (that's "old" not as in age, but as in length of friendship!), Peter and Jeff from Lumpy and the Lumpettes, for hooking us up with the right people. And thanks to our new friend, Mike Raxworthy, for taking on the Twang cause and getting us booked at this fantastic venue. We've got the last slot of the evening so it promises to be a memorable experience for all. Hope to see you all there!

Twang Dragons Frighten Demure Columnist

March 16, 2010 - We came across this ARTICLE recently, which either rues or celebrates (not sure which) the closing of one of our favorite venues and definitely our favorite hangout. Where some may view her assessment of us as critical, we prefer to embrace it. You just can't buy this kind of publicity.


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