Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The roadhouse rock band's "3 Chords and a Lie" is frequently smart and funny - particularly "I Drink Because I Love You" and "5 Karat." And tracks like "Truck Drivin' Woman" and "Roadkill on the Highway of Love" have got a lot of spunk.


Vintage Guitar Magazine:

Twang Dragons

"Twang" is indeed the word here. Led by Tommy Dixon's twang-tastic Tele work, this country rock band's got a catchy sound of lush melodies and loads of snappy guitar.

Mike Muckian, Shepherd Express:

With their new release, Milwaukee's Twang Dragons have stepped away from their rockabilly roots. Emphasizing a little more rock and a little less 'billy, the Dragons haven't completely lost their country appeal; they've simply evolved into less twang and more strum. Rhythm section members Mark Nauman (bass) and Scott Defebaugh (drums) still drive a mean line against guitarist Tommy Dixon's riffs, while Lisa Hannon's hard-road vocals pummel and caress the auditory nerve. Fortunately, the band maintains its wit, a talent well served during Dixon's "Ain't No Honky Tonk", which musically quotes everyone from Joan Jett to Cream to a half-dozen artists in between. And that's just the start of the fun.


John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine:

Twang Dragons
Love Junkie

It’s hard not to love a record that starts with guitars twangin’ and slidin’ and the line, “I’ve got an ass pocket full of whiskey.” Not only that, the second verse of “Get In (Or Get Out of the Way)” starts with, “We got Jerry Reed on the 8-track.” Tommy Dixon, who wrote those lines, also plays guitar and proves adept at various styles of country. He’s obviously a Tele guy, as “Drinkin’ About You” readily displays with country boogie full of killer bends, double-stops, and the kind of behind-the-nut magic that screams Telecaster. Dixon and the band, which features Lisa Hannon on vocals, get to show their skills at other forms of Americana music, too. “Quiver” is the kind of pop-country that’s about as radio friendly as can be, with Dixon’s fine leads and guest pedal steel from Mike Soffa. “Cliche” is a honky-tonk killer with a very funny lyrical jab at those who stereotype people who play country music. “Pennies” supplies more twangin’ – so much that Dixon makes note before the song hits stride, announcing, “I never play the chords in this song!” And he’s right. But he plays everything else with fills and solos pushing the song along. This is country the way it should be played.

Mike Muckian, Shepherd Express:

Fans of roadhouse rockabilly were probably tapping their boots anticipating the release of Love Junkie, the Twang Dragons’ new CD. The Milwaukee quartet does better than most, capturing its live country-rock sound in 13 solid tracks that may cause listeners to wish they had a full bar in their living rooms. Vocalist Lisa Hannon strains her cords in all the right places, plying lyrics that sometimes merely carry the rhythm line, but also occasionally poke fun at their chosen genre. (“I don’t care about cars tradin’ paint on an oval track, don’t have my favorite driver tattooed on my back,” Hannon croons in guitarist Tommy Dixon’s “Cliché.”) Pedal steel player Mike Soffa sometimes ladles on the twang with a trowel, but most of the numbers from Hannon, Dixon, bassist Mark Nauman and drummer Scott Defebaugh have a lean, athletic appeal. From the anthem-like “Get In (Or Get Out of the Way)” to the title tune, the Twang Dragons will have you up and dancing from the get-go.

Joerg Kramer, Der Schallplattenmann sagt (Germany):

Love Junkie was reviewed by the German on-line zine, Der Schallplattenmann sagt. Click HERE for you Twangers who took more than two years of German in high school. For the rest of you, here's an "English" version translated by Joerg "The Twangmeister" Kramer. Danke, Joerg!

Honky Tonk – independent release from Milwaukee which is really a lot of fun   “Love Junkie” is the second release of the Twang Dragons from Milwaukee; independent as can be you can get the CD on the bands website or through an independent American mailorder house. Interesting about this quartet with lead singer Lisa Hannon, is that they almost sound British while almost any other European band tries to sound American. Their style is honky tonk, paired with white R & B plus a light shot of southern, whereby in their good moments they sound almost like Rockpile and through the whole album they sound extremely ‘in’. I am convinced that the band ‘live’ really rocks and could deliver a great Roots-Rock-Album with the right producer. “Love Junkie” is the CD you would take along from a merchandise table after an evening concert in a good mood.

Paul C., Leicester Bangs (England):

Leicester Bangs, a print publication and on-line zine from England, also had some nice things to say about Love Junkie. Read it here.

Twang Dragons - Love Junkie

Twang Dragons are a four piece country rock band from Milwaukee. This album has 13 original songs, mostly written by the guitarist, Tommy Dixon, and sung by Lisa Hannon. The songs are clever and well crafted, many of then tongue-in-cheek - ‘Cliché’, about country music lyrics and lifestyles; ‘Downsize’, about a relationship break up, told in business-speak. But there are also some sad songs, and these are particularly effective. ‘Born With Wings’, about the death of a child, feels strongly like it’s about a real event, which is quite chilling. By the time you’ve got through it you need to get back to the twangy stuff.

Sea of Tranquility:

On many occasions we get CD's that come across our desk here at Sea of Tranquility that simply do not fit the type of music we cover. However, in some of these instances, the music that these bands have created contains elements that certainly might appeal to our readers, most of whom fill their lives with a regular intake of metal, prog rock, and fusion. The latest from the Twang Dragons, Love Junkie, happens to fall into that category. This four piece band from Wisconsin play a rockin' mix of roots rock, blues, country, bluegrass, and fiery Southern Rock, featuring the sultry vocals of Lisa Hannon and the multi-faceted talents of guitarist Tommy Dixon. The thirteen tracks here will get you tapping your feet and clapping your hands, as the music is filled with Dixon's silky smooth electric guitar, soaring pedal steel, and nasty slide licks, while the cagey rhythm section of bassist Mark Nauman and drummer Scott Defebaugh keeps things in a tight groove. The lovely Lisa Hannon has a sweet voice that at times can get quite smokey as well, on occasion reminding a little of Janis Joplin. If you have an open mind, and don't mind country flavored rock music with some virtuoso guitar playing that you can certainly get on your feet and dance to, this one just might be for you.