Who we are. What we are. Why we are.

"I'm always looking for that proverbial 'sleeper-surprise' act to play fests I represent, and Twang Dragons have consistently been exactly that. Whether a major metro event like Bastille Days in Milwaukee or a small town middle America festival like Watertown Riverfest, your brand of roots rock-americana and its live delivery always catches and holds our audiences. Thanks for delivering for not only the fests you've played but also making me as a talent buyer look good in the talent selection process. Keep writing and rocking!”

—John Ertl, Music Promotor

“What the hell’s a Twang Dragon? What kind of music do ya play?” If we had a gold record for every time we’ve heard those questions... Actually, it’s easier to describe what we aren’t. We’re not exactly country. Not exactly rock. And definitely not country rock. But we’re enough of all those things to fit most any venue, from honky tonk saloon to rock festival to the hot and sweaty beer joint down the street. We write and play our own material (we’ve recorded 4 CDs). We also do covers – our way. And we get equal crowd response from both. How many bands can say that? Now, don’t mistake us for one of those self-important bands who are so full of themselves it makes us puke. But, here’s the thing – no matter what size the stage, we always give it a good ass-whuppin’. Whether we’re on our annual European pub tour. Playing the big summer festivals. Opening for a national band. Performing on TV. Or squeezing into the corner next to the pool table and Big Buck Hunter game. Hell, we just love to play and have a big ole time. Need more convincing? Take a look at some of our national and international REVIEWS and GIG PICS . Check out our songs, including our latest release “3 CHORDS AND A LIE” . And most importantly, check our SCHEDULE and get out to see us LIVE! And if you think any of this is bullshit propaganda, you come up and tell us. We’ll give you double your twang back, no questions asked.