Electronic Press Kit

In our never ending quest to keep up with technology, we're introducing our very own Electronic Press Kit (that's EPK to all the cool kids). Click on the links below to check out our press clippings, song list, reviews, etc. You can even download your very own promo shot of the Twang Dragons for website or print use.

There's lots of great stuff to share with family and friends who are perhaps booking agents, record labels, promoters...I'm just saying...

For the condensed version of the EPK, click on the first link.
Reviews& Awards
Reviews WAMI Awards
Best of Milwaukee 2009
Song Lists
Twanged Up Covers 1
Twanged Up Covers 2
Original Twangs
List 1 List 3
List 2 List 4
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Cue
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Summerfest
Pabst - Live and Local
Out and About
Shepherd Express - Out There
Brew City Sludge
Shepherd Express - Noize
It's a Twang Thang
Watertown Daily News
Promo Pics

Pics for for Web

Pics for Print

Music Samples Get In
(Or Get Out of the Way)
Drinkin' About You
Worth It
Love Junkie
Roadkill Here for the Party
Love Junkie Drinkin' About You
Whole Shebang Ring of Fire