United Twangdom Part 1

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Oh sure...all smiles
at the beginning
of the tour.

At least it didn't say Spinal Pap.

The Dragons with our friendly London
concierge, Jonah.

Mark was thinking
of a nice steak knife set
for Moe this Christmas.

And the London pub crawl begins - Pub #1!

Lisa, Pierre & UW-Frat Boy in London Pub #2.

Could this be yet another pub in London????

The lovely Jenny Lind in Hastings.

How's that for a marquee!

How many more signs
could we EVEN be on??

The Rude Twangers.

Roadies AND Solid Gold Dancers.

Some evenings you'll find them busking in the Tube.

Lisa with her bodyguards.

Oh he kids...they could kick his arse any way.

Lisa and the Harley Davidson man.

Just gettin' warmed up.

Moe showing Tommy some silky smooth dance moves.

The Jenny Lind crowd backed us into a corner.

Look close.

Lisa with more boys...of course.

Lisa's first arse signing.

The Dragons' Lair in Hastings.

View from our villa. English Channel, kids.

The mighty Wheatsheaf in St. Leonards on the Sea.

Martin bringing a girl to her knees.
Oh those Irish!

Little Inga Olson ready for her performance dance.

Three of Scott's favorite things...
the Dragons, Queen and thongs.

Getting sound check out of the way.

Some of these people will have body parts signed before the evening is over.

See told you so.

PJ party after the Wheatsheaf gig. Oh those rock and rollers!

Imagine that...castle ruins in England.

Stairs to the dungeon.

Here's a nice picture, and it's not of all
of us in a pub.
Something different.

Strike a pose...geeks!

The Wall of Fame at Mullens in Eastbourne.

Lisa with a couple of fine Irish lads.

Tommy being all smooth-like with mother and daughter.

Lisa with Saucy Jack.

Rude Boys and Dragon Girls in the garden of our villa.

Pre-flight beverage before heading to Ireland.